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How to Get Unblocked

The work of becoming a prolific writer – someone who writes easily and quickly, and has fun while doing it - is the work of managing your moment-by-moment experience of your writing. Writing is one of those activities that looks easy, but really isn't. Besides the basic intellectual challenge, writing is also an act of self-exposure, and often to critical or harsh audiences. Add to that, that people bring their own conflicts, ambivalence and baggage to their writing. Most of us have absorbed messages from oppressive parents, teachers, bosses or others that they are failures or have no business expressing themselves. (“Who do you think you are?” is a common refrain.) All this, combined with perfectionism, overidentification with one's work, and other dysfunctional attitudes, results in a whopping case of fear of failure, which should more properly be called terror of failure. We procrastinate not just to avoid the terrifying possibility of failure (if you don't finish, you won't be judged, after all), but to … [Read more...]

Online writing is tricky…

...because it can be simultaneously intimate and public. For that reason, Facebook, Twitter, etc. - and even blogging - are not as easy to figure out, from a productivity standpoint, as they seem. Even email can be problematic because even the most personal email can be leaked. These are global, psychological, sociological and technological forces that are at play every time we communicate online, and we're all - individually and as a global society - still trying to figure them out! … [Read more...]