Archives for March 2011

My Big Fat Vegan Kidney Donation

What’s the awesomest gift you can give someone? Their life back, right? That’s what I had been thinking for a while. And so, I had been looking into donating a kidney. From my research I knew that the surgery was really safe (only 2/10,000 fatality rate, lower than for appendectomies), and that you can survive perfectly well with just one kidney. Really what you’re looking at is a bit of inconvenience in exchange for…saving someone’s life.

Announcing Vegan Protest Fuel

I recently helped start Vegan Protest Fuel, which delivers delicious, sustaining vegan meals to peaceful protesters advocating for democracy and social justice. In just over a week, we collected more than $1000 in grassroots donations from throughout the U.S. and Canada, and delivered hundreds of delicious vegan meals and snacks to Wisconsin protesters. We’re expanding […]

Fantastic Video

I urge everyone to view this remarkable video of Egyptian activist Wael Ghonim (“the Google guy”) on the role social media played in the Egyptian revolution. This is why I’m optimistic about the future:

Tiger Mom Redux

Responses to piece talking about Amy “Tiger Mom” Chua, The King’s Speech and perfectionism.