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Great Review of The 7 Secrets of the Prolific from the Simple Productivity Blog

This book picked me up and shook me. I started working on my novel again, stalled because I was thinking I hadn’t plotted it right (perfectionist anyone?) I also began to finish a quilt that has been languishing for 4 years because I was afraid to do it wrong (again? perfectionism?) While I read every […]

Repost for 2012! A Reminder to Never Bash Yourself

Nowhere do I claim that you should be able to write at maximum capacity regardless of whatever else is going on with your life. We’re not machines, we’re complex beings; and to deny this complexity is a form of the reductive magical thinking – a.k.a., perfectionism.

Love is Truth and Compassion

Robert Wright: “A thought experiment: Suppose you are a parent and you (a) watch someone else’s toddler misbehave and then (b) watch your own toddler do the same. Your predicted reactions, respectively, are: (a) “What a brat!” and (b)”That’s what happens when she skips her nap.” “Now (b) is often a correct explanation, whereas (a) […]

Writing Isn’t Hard!

I cringe when I hear someone say “writing is hard” because it’s not once you overcome your perfectionism, which in turn is caused by fear (terror, actually) and scarcity.

"Why am I so hateful and a perfectionist?"

In a big rush this morning due to heavy teaching load, but had to post about this. Like most blogsters, I regularly check my stats to see how much traffic I have, where it’s coming from, etc. Among other things, I see the search terms people use to wind up on my site. Last night, […]

New Year’s Resolution: Do Less Housework!

Most people think of procrastination as a simple bad habit, but it’s often much more than that: it’s a strategy we employ when we’re afraid of the outcome of an activity or project. So, someone who hates his job might procrastinate on looking for a new one because he’s afraid of not getting any offers, […]