Daily Dog: Gus has a Strategy


              from dog-shaming, of course

Procrastination is ALWAYS Caused


The big mistake people make when they try to solve their procrastination problem is assuming that they’re something wrong with them – they’re weak, lazy, undisciplined, etc. Then they beat themselves up trying to solve that problem. This article about how musician Hayley Williams was blocked for a couple of months perfectly illustrates that: “The […]

Reverse Procrastination


From the very cute and clever Shoeboxblog and used with kind permission.


Very interesting article from the Columbia Spectator on what the author calls “peerfectionism.” It covers a lot of ground, and I don’t agree with it all, but the neologism is quite clever and really gets at the ultracompetitiveness that is fundamental to perfectionism, and ubiquitous in academia. Worth checking out, especially if you’re a student.

There’s No Reason Seniors Can’t Qualify as Organ Donors

A good article questioning the current medical bias against accepting donors beyond age 65. I understand that health, generally, declines with age, and that transplant doctors tend to be super careful about whom they use as donors. As my transplant doctor said, donating is one of the few medical procedures that violates the Hippocratic Oath […]

Spring & Summer 2013 Events: Online, Teleconference, Boston, Hartford (CT), and Cape Cod

Web and Telephone Academic Success Catalyst Program restarting in April 2013 time TBD. For all Graduate Students, Postdocs, Junior Faculty who wish to • get more productive in their writing and other work • finish their thesis, papers, or other projects • have an easier time finding a job • have better relationships at work […]

Good Idea: Wine Bottle Raised Bed

wine bottle raised bed


To John Cole: In Defense of the Brontes


Woke up with a burning desire to respond to John Cole’s assault on the Bronte sisters: Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre was a thorough attack on the British class system, not to mention sexism. The bestselling book was decried by conservatives who considered it a major force promoting Chartism (universal male suffrage), among other evils. Emily […]

Hubris in Action


This New York Times article about how a former Apple exec crashed and burned as the CEO of J.C. Penney is fascinating. Clearly his enemies are dishing, but he really gave them a lot to dish about. He does come across as incredibly arrogant: “Mr. Johnson liked to tell employees that there were two kinds […]

Coincidence that a Site for Stepmoms is Writing on Perfectionism?

I think not. Step-parents are under so much pressure. The Stepmom’s Toolbox has a great mix of articles. I would check it out.

Grumpy Katz Cats Need a Katz Bagel


Two Katzes I like… Katz’s Bagels in Chelsea, MA, which are amazing

What to Do if You’re Procrastinating on Your Taxes (Or Another Crucial Deadline)


Like money, time can be used for either investments or expenses. As you probably know, investments are activities that bring a return. The major time investments include: planning and management, relationships, self-care, health and fitness, education, a spiritual or meditative practice, community work, and what I call “replenishing recreation” (e.g., socializing or a passionate hobby). […]

This is National Donate Life Month!

Donating a kidney was one of the best things I ever did, and I would do it again in a flash. Here’s the story of how I did it. If you ever think you might want to donate, email me and I’ll do my best to support you.

Most Mad Men-era Men Didn’t Have it So Great, Either, But…

A moving New York Times essay about how most men didn’t have it so great during the Mad Men era. But the fact remains that most men had vastly more choices than most women, back then (and, to a lesser extent, now). Many jobs were closed to women, and classified ads routinely specified an age […]

How to Read The New York Times

Every time I check out a substantive New York Times article, I do this: 1) skim the article 2) go to the comments and sort them so that the ones most recommended *by readers* (not the paper’s editorial staff) come first. 3) read the most popular comments carefully, and learn from them how to interpret […]