Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family fights unproductively.

Useful tips on how to have a constructive dispute with your family. People tend to fight more during transitional times, like when you’re leaving for/coming home from work. So work on staying cool during those times. (Time management, which will help you overcome the morning and evening rushes, can help.) Everyone should be sitting at […]

“I was held captive by perfectionism.”

A short but vivid description of one woman’s struggle. The writer gets so much right: that it’s a trap that it often begins in childhood In high school: “I sat before my Spanish teacher in tears over a B+.” Heavy involvement with ballet, an endeavor that “required excellence.” As an adult, a perfectionist approach to […]

“Pajama Days”

I love the term Pajama Days for days when you simply can’t get motivated.

Telling Your Future

OK, this guy sounds crazy or a scammer, but reading the article I realized a Future Telling machine is probably possible. If a computer has enough information about your past behavior (and one will, given the increasingly larger percentage of our lives we live on line) it will probably be able to predict your future […]

Vienna (with Lyrics)

Slow down you crazy child You’re so ambitious for a juvenile But then if you’re so smart tell me, Why are you still so afraid? (mmmmm) Where’s the fire, what’s the hurry about? You better cool it off before you burn it out You got so much to do and only So many hours in […]

Daily Dog: More Dogs Allowed in Hospitals to Comfort Ill

A lovely development. When my dad was in a nursing home, we used to bring our basset Elvis to visit him. It took us forever to get to my dad’s room because *everyone* wanted to say hello to Elvis. And Elvis, a typical friendly basset, had to stop and say hello to everyone. I can […]

Billboard Helps Man Find Kidney Donor

Too bad it has to come to this (in countries where the default is that you donate your organs, not that you don’t there’s no waiting list), but I’m glad he found someone. Kudos to the donor.

Overcoming Procrastination So You Have a Chance to Save Someone’s Life

A terrific article by Sargent Janelle Dean about how she overcame procrastination to register as a bone marrow donor. Yes, there was a fear of needles, but after learning more about the procedure she realized it wasn’t so bad. (The donation procedure, not the registry procedure, which is truly painless, involving just a few mouth […]

Nutrition vs. Deadline

              from my friend Deborah Underwood, who writes wonderful kids’ books

Daily Dog: Gus has a Strategy

              from dog-shaming, of course

Procrastination is ALWAYS Caused

The big mistake people make when they try to solve their procrastination problem is assuming that they’re something wrong with them – they’re weak, lazy, undisciplined, etc. Then they beat themselves up trying to solve that problem. This article about how musician Hayley Williams was blocked for a couple of months perfectly illustrates that: “The […]

Reverse Procrastination

From the very cute and clever Shoeboxblog and used with kind permission.


Very interesting article from the Columbia Spectator on what the author calls “peerfectionism.” It covers a lot of ground, and I don’t agree with it all, but the neologism is quite clever and really gets at the ultracompetitiveness that is fundamental to perfectionism, and ubiquitous in academia. Worth checking out, especially if you’re a student.

There’s No Reason Seniors Can’t Qualify as Organ Donors

A good article questioning the current medical bias against accepting donors beyond age 65. I understand that health, generally, declines with age, and that transplant doctors tend to be super careful about whom they use as donors. As my transplant doctor said, donating is one of the few medical procedures that violates the Hippocratic Oath […]

Spring & Summer 2013 Events: Online, Teleconference, Boston, Hartford (CT), and Cape Cod

Web and Telephone Academic Success Catalyst Program restarting in April 2013 time TBD. For all Graduate Students, Postdocs, Junior Faculty who wish to • get more productive in their writing and other work • finish their thesis, papers, or other projects • have an easier time finding a job • have better relationships at work […]