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7 Secrets of the ProlificWhat do prolific writers (and executives, entrepreneurs, and others) do that most others don’t? The 7 Secrets of the Prolific will tell you. You’ll not only learn how to decisively vanquish procrastination, perfectionism, and dithering, but create time, prioritize your writing, boost your writing speed tenfold (yeah!), be an out-and-proud writer, recover from toxic rejections, and create a liberated career. In other words: the specific attitudes and habits that not only make writing and your other work easy, but a joy. Great for fiction, nonfiction, business and nonprofit writers; also executives, students or anyone seeking to get more productive and less stressed. 188 pages. (For ebook orders I ship a ZIP file containing complete non-DRM MOBI, ePUB, and PDF versions, so you can read on all your electronics.)

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Chapter 1: The Mechanism of Procrastination (18 page Ebook + extras, $.99)
Procrastination is not due to laziness, lack of discipline or lack of willpower, but disempowerment caused by fear and scarcity. This chapter shows you exactly how it works – and how you can break the cycle. (And it’s often remarkably easy.) I also discuss procrastination’s sneaky strategies of denial and deception, and why you should look at your “block” not as some kind of giant boulder or monolith a la 2001: a Space Odyssey, but a giant snarl of spaghetti.
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Chapter 2: Overcoming Perfectionism (34 page ebook + extras, $.99)
Perfectionism is a much bigger barrier to productivity than most people realize. This chapter discusses its five key characteristics – narrow definition of success coupled with harsh punishment for perceived failures; grandiosity; prioritizing product over process; prioritizing external over internal rewards; and overidentifying with one’s work – plus more than a dozen others. I’ll show you how situational perfectionism can launch a “sneak attack” after certain life and career events. And then I’ll show you the way out of perfectionism via compassionate objectivity, timed writing exercises, and other techniques.
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Chapter 3: Coping with Resource Constraints (19 page ebook + extras, $.99)
Underproductive writers tend to suffer in silence with inadequate tools and a demotivating environment – all the while thinking, “Dammit! I should be able to write under these conditions, and will keep trying until I do!” Prolific writers skip that whole pointless struggle, and simply go out and resource themselves abundantly. In this chapter I discuss not just the material (computer, software, furniture, etc.) and community (mentors, critique partners, alpha and beta readers) resources successful writers need, but the ten rules for optimizing the use of any material resource. Mentors are key, and so I also tell you how to find and work with them, and share some juicy good mentor and bad mentor stories.
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Chapter 4: Overcoming Time Constraints (25 page Ebook + extras, $.99)
Time management is not about stuffing your schedule 24/7, it’s about emptying out your schedule so you have the time and energy to focus on your important priorities. More than that, it’s your key tool for ensuring that you have the best shot of achieving your important life goals. This chapter tells you how to do it, and includes tips for helping you carve out time for your writing in the midst of all your other responsibilities. It also discusses how to avoid overgiving and other self-sabotaging behaviors, and provides a solution for email overload!
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Chapter 5: Optimizing Your Writing Process (10 page Ebook + extras, $.99)
Underproductive writers typically try to move linearly through their work, i.e., starting with, “Once upon a time…” and progressing scene by scene, and chapter by chapter, until they reach, “…happily ever after.” That’s a recipe for getting blocked. Learn the proper way to view your work – hint: think in two dimensions – and dozens of other techniques that the pros use to create so effortlessly.
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Chapter 6: Overcoming Bias, Ambivalence and Internalized Oppression (17 page Ebook + extras, $.99)
Even a little ambivalence can really hold you back. If, while part of you wants to write, another part is thinking writing is futile, frivolous, or otherwise “inappropriate,” then you are in trouble. This chapter tells you how to recognize anti-writer bias and ambivalence in others and in your own thinking, and how to recover from it.
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Chapter 7: Coping with Rejection (14 page Ebook + extras, $.99)
Nearly all underproductivity and blocks are catalyzed by traumatic rejections that really get under your skin and undermine you. Unfortunately, traumatic rejection comes in many more forms than most writers realize, and there are also many elements that can amplify the trauma. This chapter lays it all out for you and tells you how to cope. (Hint: the popular advice to “grow a thick skin” is bunk.) It also includes two topics that really get people going in classes: (1) coping with the many difficult questions and comments writers get asked (E.g., “Aren’t you done with that thing yet?”), and (2) coping with the many challenges of writing on the Internet.
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Chapter 8: Liberating Yourself from Exploitative Career Paths (27 page Ebook + extras, $.99)
Some have called this chapter a manifesto, others a screed. Your reaction will no doubt depend on where you stand vis a vis the glorious potential of print-on-demand and Web technologies to liberate writers from eons of underpaid servitude to agents and publishers. (I guess now you know where I stand.) In this chapter, I urge you to indie publish, and provide a plan for doing so based on my experiences indie publishing The 7 Secrets of the Prolific. (Yeah, I’m meta.) I also cite plenty of examples of agent and publisher maltreatment of writers and their work ranging from the annoying to the enraging, and examine the vital differences between liberating/empowering careers and constraining/disempowering ones.
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