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How To Be An Effective Decision-Maker

I was recently interviewed by for an article on decision making. The writer's questions were excellent and thought provoking, and I wanted to share my answers with you. Best, Hillary Q: For leaders you've encountered or researched, how have you noticed that decision-making tends to get in the way of productivity? Can you give some specific examples? A: Everyone knows the perils of over-researching and under-researching decisions. Less recognized is the problem of bashing yourself after making a decision that turns out wrong. It's a huge problem because it makes you wary of making future decisions, and thus more prone to dithering. None of us can tell the future. If a decision turns out to be wrong or suboptimal, you should just learn from it, make amends (if required), and move on. Leaders know that there is no benefit to indulging in feelings of regret, remorse, shame, etc. As Jim McCann, CEO of, once said: "If you look at highly successful people, they make … [Read more...]