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  1. Sixty-six here, and after 40+ years of writing, two novels (unpublished) and working on a third, and a slew of short stories (two of which are published), I’m just starting to feel like a writer. I’ve got a few things to defend, too, including a new grandson and hope for the future.
    I’ve told myself that 2014 is the year I’ll push for publication. But I’m the King of Procrastinators (hence the need for your book, which I’ll order soon, Hillary), so I made myself a resolution. No more spending my days playing around on the Internet. I’ll spend the first two hours of each day in writing cafés, taking nothing more than my current story or chapter along with me. Will it work? I’ll let you know in a couple of months.
    In the meantime, Hillary, I want to wish you the happiest of New Years. I look froward to reading your advice in 2014.

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