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Are You Ready to Say Sayonara to Perfectionism? (Japanese and English editions)

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Are your standards so high they are slowing you down, making it difficult to finish projects, and sucking the joy out of your work?

Do you sometimes describe yourself as a perfectionist and wear your perfectionism as a badge of honor?

Are you using a moment in time when things went perfectly as the standard of how they should always go?

Many people believe perfectionism is about setting a high standard for success--and since everyone wants high standards, it’s easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism. But perfectionism isn’t the same as having high standards–not even close! It's about setting impossible standards that destroy your joy and motivation around your work; and perfectionism is also about harsh self-talk, shortsightedness, self-punishing comparisons with others, an overemphasis on external approval and rewards, and a crippling over-identification with the work.

Are you ready to take charge of your work, get more productive, and feel less stressed?

Say Sayonara to Perfectionism! gets to the core of what you need to know to recognize, and overcome, perfectionism. Learn how perfectionism fuels procrastination, underproductivity, and blocks and then use the solutions offered in this book to immediately help you take charge of your work, get more productive, and feel less stressed. As a bonus, this quick and easy read will also give you dozens of tips to help with time management, optimizing your work process, overcoming ambivalence, and coping with traumatic rejections.

Currently Available for the Kindle at Read it on your Kindle, computer, iPhone, iPad, or your Android device.

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The Japanese version is available on Amazon:

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Say Sayonara (in Japanese), $0.99

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