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The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World Without Losing Your Way

The Lifelong ActivistNote: The entire text of The Lifelong Activist, including some translations, is now online.

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The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World Without Losing Your Way (Lantern Books, 2006) shows you how to live a happy and productive life that includes a strong progressive mission. Whether you’re an activist, organizer, artist, student, teacher, human services worker, volunteer, or simply a concerned citizen, The Lifelong Activist will teach you the five key disciplines that bring success. They are:

  • Managing Your Mission – uncovering your authentic self, including your true goals and needs;
  • Managing Your Time – so you can create a schedule to achieve those goals and meet those needs;
  • Managing Your Fears – so you can get past procrastination, perfectionism, negativity, hypersensitivity, fears and blocks, and actually follow your schedule;
  • Managing Your Relationship With Self – so you can become the most empowered “you“ you can be; and,
  • Managing Your Relationship With Others – so you can leverage your skills and talents with those of others.


People often ask how I manage to continue devoting myself to progressive activism (such as the free software movement) for years without burning out. The best way I can answer is by recommending…The Lifelong Activist.—Richard Stallman, Founder of the Free Software movement and MacArthur Fellow

Global warming, poverty, homelessness, or other pressing problems; take your pick—and then use the organizing and time-management tools in The Lifelong Activist to change the world. — Adam Hochschild, Author of Bury The Chains and King Leopold’s Ghost

If I had but one book to spend hard-earned cash on this year, this one would be it, hands down. – Daily Kos

“[The Lifelong Activist] is about becoming more useful and effective as an activist or artist. I recommend that you take a look at it.” –

I like the way you cut through the romance and deal with the nitty-gritty in a way that is powerful and uplifting…[The book is] a blazing and defiant torch in a very dark wilderness…[The section on poverty addiction] was so incredibly freeing. – Reader, Chicago, IL

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