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Why You (Yes You!) Should Indie Publish

Indie publishing is for many businesses, not just writers! A yoga teacher earning $70 teaching a one-hour class who sells three students a $12 indie-published book, has boosted her profits more than 50%. And an independent software vendor who sells manuals for his system isn't just sweetening his bottom line but reducing his tech support […]

Why You (Yes You!) Should Indie Publish Part II

In my previous article I discussed why all businesses should indie publish—including non-writing businesses. Here are some guidelines for doing it right:   Clarify your goals If you want to indie publish for a hobby, or to create a memento for loved ones, then you can just cut loose and publish however you want and […]

How Labeling and Hyperbole Sabotage Your Writing Productivity

The reasons we procrastinate are always valid, however this doesn't stop perfectionists from labeling their reasons as “excuses,” “complaining,” “whining,” or “being high maintenance.” Don't do this – and also keep in mind that this kind of labeling is often used by oppressors as a control tactic. (It's also often sexist.)


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