Unidentified Purple Object #1 (Anyone know what it is?)

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Do You Suffer from Procatination?

          It's so deeply unfair to the cat... More procatination here. And here! … [Read more...]

If You’ve Ever Wanted to See a Seven-Tuba Pileup, Now is Your Chance

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I don’t often repurpose a blanket rack as a scarf and jewelry holder…

...but when I do, the result is so good I just have to share it...             I have this preconception about myself that I'm not so good at home decor, so when I do come up with a clever idea it feels great. Plus, the rack was $10 off CraigsList - so score! … [Read more...]

Wikipedia the Wise

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Cat is Literal Writer’s Block

Children's author Deborah Underwood catches her cat Bella in the act of literally being a writer's block. (Sitting on one of Deb's notebooks.) Read an interview with Bella here. Like all cats, she's got opinions! … [Read more...]

Harry Potter and the Boggart Perfectionism

Harry Potter fans recall boggarts as creatures who live in dark household spaces like cupboards and closets and who, when you encounter one, take on the appearance of whatever it is you are most afraid of. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, there's a great scene where Professor Lupin and his students provoke a classroom boggart into repeatedly changing appearance: To terrorized student Neville Longbottom, it appears as Severus Snape in full glower. To arachnophobic Ron Weasley, it appears as a gigantic spider. And to ultra-perfectionist Hermione Granger, it appears as Professor McGonagall telling her she "failed everything." Perfectionism works the same way! It will not just manifest itself as your worst professional fear, but if you do manage to dispel that fear, it will gladly morph into any other fear you might have. Some forms your perfectionism boggart might take include: "My work is unoriginal." "My insights are mundane." "I can't do characters." "My book won't … [Read more...]

Passive-Aggressive Poe

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Academic Mug Shot

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On the Other Hand, This Little Duck Seems Plenty Empowered

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“Mean” Duck Mom and Unhelpful Bystanders!

So...check out this video of a mother duck forcing her ducklings to jump down a high ledge onto a concrete walkway: Ouch! I found it painful to watch. The Mom Duck is just doing her thing, but I've seen similar videos where a kindly bystander finds a plank or other mechanism to give the baby ducks safe passage. (Some perfectionists, and I'm not kidding, would call that "cheating.") Here the bystanders don't, and I wish they had. Whenever you witness yourself or someone else being disempowered try to create additional options. … [Read more...]

If You’re Going to Ponder, Ponder With a Pink Feather Pen

Ponder this way:           Not this way: … [Read more...]

What Procrastination Looks Like

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Jerry Seinfeld to Writers: “No Slack For You” Even on Festivus!

We like to look for one primary secret to the success of the superstars of the world, even though almost always a combination of factors, people, and circumstances were involved. It remains instructive though when a highly successful professional freely offers the big reveal on how they got to the top. As reported in Lifehacker, software developer Brad Isaac has such a story to tell about Jerry Seinfeld, and it’s not “about nothing.” Isaac knew Seinfeld as a nightclub comic before he hit it big in television, but already it was clear he was on his way up. He asked Jerry what the big secret was, and he got an answer. Productivity is everything in writing. Only through having a mountain of material can you cull out the crap and leave an abundance of actual nuggets of great quality. And the one and only way to attain this level of productivity is to write something every day. He didn’t mean 364 days a year. You don’t take a day off on the Festivus for the Rest of Us. Writing every day meant just that to … [Read more...]

Finals Week to Netflix (Procrastination Illustrated)

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