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Category: Productivity

Three Great Success Tips from Ted Behr

My friend Ted Behr went to a success workshop and came back with three great tips.

Click to read his article.

Coping with Harsh Criticism

My friend and former student Kirstin Butler wrote a fantastic post on coping with traumatic rejection. I won’t go into a ton of detail about the feedback itself, because I know it was well-intentioned. But it also contained a few comments — I believe the exact phrase was “total rewrite situation” — that hit me […]

"Scope Creep" will Poison Your Projects!

"Scope creep is poisonous," a client of mine recently said after finally finishing an academic paper he had been procrastinating on for more than three years. He had a full spaghetti snarl of reasons for not getting it done--and remember, our reasons for procrastinating are always valid--but after he worked through them and started to […]

Seth Godin's Icarus Sessions A Great Idea - and Coming to Your Town

It's so important that you be able to stand up and say, "This is who I am and this is what is important to me, and here's why it is important." If you don't you remain ashamed and isolated, which feeds procrastination. Uber marketing guru Seth Godin knows all this and is organizing a global […]

Four Things Your College Career Center Got Dead Wrong

Over the years, I've helped many new graduates look for work; and one of the things I've learned is that a lot of the advice dispensed by college career centers is flawed. Below are four of the most common errors I see: three having to do with resumes (easily correctable), the fourth having to do […]

How To Be An Effective Decision-Maker

I was recently interviewed by for an article on decision making. The writer's questions were excellent and thought provoking, and I wanted to share my answers with you. Best, Hillary Q: For leaders you've encountered or researched, how have you noticed that decision-making tends to get in the way of productivity? Can you give some specific […]

If No One Falls Over, We're Having a Great Class!

One of my recent newsletters discussed a misguided essay (and now, regrettably, book) by a prominent philosophy professor on his notion of "constructive procrastination. I'm happy now to refer you to this essay, I'm With Stupid, by a writer who is not, to my knowledge, a prominent professor, but who nevertheless has figured out a […]

All Your Work Should Be Sand Castles

The wonderful and much-missed writer and writing teacher John Gardner wrote in On Becoming A Novelist: “If children can build sand castles without getting sand-castle block, and if ministers can pray over the sick without getting holiness block, the writer who enjoys his work and takes measured pride in it should never be troubled by […]

Why You're Afraid to Quit

Interesting article by Daniel Gulati in Harvard Business Review on why people have trouble quitting even jobs and businesses they hate. Everything he writes would apply to activist campaigns, too, and probably relationships and other areas of life. The author neglects to mention, though, that timing a quit is hard. It's not always obvious when […]

Interview with Richard Stallman

My friend Richard Stallman is the founder of the free software movement . His ideas have spawned not only the GNU/Linux operating system , but Wikipedia , Creative Commons the anti-DRM Defective by Design campaign, and other important social movements. He is a MacArthur "genius," and arguably the world's most successful activist, and I was […]

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