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Productivity is Power

Today's teens and college students are living in a pressure cooker. From birth onward, many are told that their only chance of success and happiness is to get into a great college, excel at one of a limited set of difficult majors (preferably science, engineering, or medicine), and get a top job in his or her field.

The competition at every stage is intense, and so is the stress. And social media, which forces students to live all of this out in public while simultaneously barraging them with negative, critical, and otherwise destructive messages, only makes things (vastly) worse.

Is it so surprising, then, that so many of our students are struggling? And that so many, in a desperate effort to either succeed or escape the pressure, succumb to self-sabotaging behaviors such as perfectionism and procrastination?
Experts agree that the solution lies in helping students develop healthier and more balanced attitudes towards life and work—and as a productivity author, teacher, and coach, I couldn't agree more. One barrier to helping students, however, has always been that there's no motivational guide written specifically for them. Sure, there are "study guides" offering time management and other tips, but these typically have little to say about the deeper issues of motivation. And the many excellent motivational guides out there for older adults don't address undergraduates’ unique challenges.

I wrote Productivity is Power: Five Liberating Practices for College Students to fill this gap, so that the millions of undergraduates out there can achieve the success they crave in college and beyond. It dives deep into the mechanisms of undergraduate perfectionism, procrastination, unmanaged time, unhealed traumatic criticisms and rejections, and other barriers; and then provides uniquely effective solutions I've developed over the past twenty years.

The Undergraduate Guide will help struggling students improve, and good students do better. And it will help the millions of concerned parents and teachers out there better support their student.


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