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The 7 Secrets of the Prolific: ebook


Procrastination, perfectionism and writer’s block are not moral flaws; nor are they caused by laziness, lack of discipline or lack of commitment. They are habits rooted in fear and scarcity – and the great news is that once we start alleviating our fears and resourcing ourselves abundantly, our procrastination and related problems are often remarkably easily solved.

The Seven Secrets of the Prolific tells you how! In it, I characterize, in great detail and depth, the major categories of constraining forces that cause underproductivity, including perfectionism; resource constraints; time constraints; ineffective writing processes; bias, ambivalence and internalized oppression; toxic rejection; and exploitative career paths.

Then, I tell you how to overcome each. Those solutions are:

1. Identify and Overcome Perfectionism
2. Abundantly Resource Yourself
3. Manage Your Time
4. Optimize Your Writing Process
5. Understand and “Own” Your Identity as a Writer
6. Cultivate Resilience in the Face of Rejection and Harsh Criticism; and
7. Create a Liberated Career

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“The best book I’ve read yet on productivity and procrastination — a must-have for any writer or entrepreneur’s library.” — Writer and Consultant, Melrose, MA

“Two college creative writing classes, several writing workshops, months of therapy, and years of daydreaming — none of this helped or healed me more than 7 Secrets of the Prolific.” — Writer / Teacher, Dallas, TX

“I found in this book the strategies I need to stop procrastinating on my graduate thesis!” — Graduate Student, Helsinki, Finland

“An easy read, but very powerful…If you find yourself mysteriously never completing your personal work, never starting that project, never finishing things you are passionate about, and can’t figure out why, I would recommend you read this short book.” — Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA

Available at Amazon and Apple iBooks, or directly from my online store by clicking “Add to cart”. Also available in Spanish and Russian.

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