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50% Money-Back Coaching Guarantee

I so believe in this work - and have seen such amazing results with so many clients - that I have decided to offer a 50% money-back guarantee on all my coaching.

Money-back guarantees are rarely offered in coaching, in part due to the reality that success depends as much or more on the client as the coach, but I also feel it's reasonable to expect a professional to stand behind her work. So here's my guarantee: if at any time you feel my coaching isn't working for you, I'll refund 50% of your payment, minus the pro-rated amount for work we've already completed and any applicable PayPal or other fees.

As with all of my coaching terms, this is subject to change at any time (although, of course, any coaching purchased with a guarantee will retain that guarantee). But I'll give this a try and if it's working for me and my clients it's a keeper. I actually love the idea of accepting more risk in a transaction where people who often don't know me do me the profound compliment of engaging my services.

I hope this encourages anyone who is on the fence about coaching to take the plunge. As I've written many times, optimal productivity and joy in one's work are sublime.


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