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Business Success Catalyst Program Enrolling Now!


The Business Success Catalyst Program (BSCP) is for businesspeople and entrepreneurs who would like to:

• get more productive in their writing and other work
• finish their projects
• have better relationships at work and at home, and
• be more strategic and effective in building their career.

Not to mention...feel less stressed, more optimistic, more revitalized, and more connected with their work!

9743374_sThe BSCP is a series of weekly phone sessions designed to help you achieve all of the above, and more. Each week we'll have a fun, information-packed, and supportive one hour group teleconference in which:

(a) I'll give a 10-15 minute overview of one topic. About 3/4 of the calls will deal with topics related to boosting your writing and other productivity; the remainder will be on career-building skills including networking, presenting, and working effectively with mentors.

(b) Each participant will then get to ask a question or share a situation they're facing, which the group will discuss for up to ten minutes.

That's it! A weekly hour of inspiration, information, support, and empowerment! Participants will also be encouraged to stay in touch with each other between calls for even more support.

The fee will be $125 for a four-call series, payable in advance. All participants will get a free e-copy of my book, The 7 Secrets of the Prolific, and are advised to review it prior to starting.

Call terms and conditions listed below. Each call will be limited to six participants, so enroll now! To do so, PayPal $125 to and send me an email containing a brief (one - three paragraph), informal summary of your current professional situation, goals, and challenges; also the specific type of benefits you would like the BSCP to provide.

I'm looking forward to our work together.



Business Success Catalyst Program Terms and Conditions:

*Participation is entirely at my discretion. Reasons I might decline someone include: wrong job type; competitive concerns (you're in too close competition with a current participant); or your summary doesn't indicate a fit with the program format or goals.

*I also reserve the right to end your participation at any time and for any reason, including that I don't think you're behaving productively on calls. If I do end your participation, I will refund the unused portion of your payment only, minus PayPal or other fees.

*Confidentiality is a big concern for all BSCP members. All participants will be required to affirm that they will NEVER share any of the contents of calls, or any details about any of the callers, with anyone.

Breach of confidentiality is grounds for immediate termination from the program, with no refund given.

*Those who wish to exchange emails with the group may do so (and I'll compile and distribute the email list) but this is entirely optional.

*Refunds will be given *only* if requested within 48 hours of the first call, in which case a 100% refund (minus PayPal or other fees) will be given. Missed calls are not refundable.

*All program terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

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