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“Our conversation last week has given me renewed purpose, focus and direction.” — Yvonne S. (nurse), San Francisco, CA

“I could not have imagined how quickly I would see results from working with you!” — Artemis H. (writer), Cambridge, MA

You picked up critical clues from our discussions and pointed me back to my positive and motivated path.” —Scott B. (programmer), Maui, HI

"My productivity has increased ten fold. When I come across a barrier now it doesn't derail me completely anymore, I can get back on track the same or at the very least the next day."—Sonja C. (artist), Abu Dhabi, UAE

Every season I take on a limited number of new coaching clients...

They're typically ambitious, focused individuals who seek to do one or more of the following:

  • Get more work done per day;
  • Finish their projects;
  • Work more effectively: have more to show for their efforts;
  • Reclaim the joy and attachment they previously felt toward their work; and/or
  • Achieve a happier, healthier, more joyful life balance.

I also help people:

  • Find new jobs, or transition to new careers, and
  • Start or grow businesses.

A couple of points about my coaching:

It's fast! Nearly all clients see improvement after just a single session, and most achieve strong, sustainable improvement after just 5 to 10 hours of working together.

It offers a huge return-on-investment (ROI). If I work with you for an hour and help you gain just an extra hour of productivity per week, that's a huge return in just the first year! But my coaching doesn't just add an hour or two to your input: it can double or triple it, or multiply it even more. (And the rate of improvement tends to accelerate over time.)

Of course, along with higher productivity comes increased pride and joy in your work; decreased stress; a happier, healthier life; and happier family and friends.

Please check out my coaching packages below. I coach only via telephone or Google Hangouts (audio only), on a flexible schedule that allows me to work with people from around the world. All coaching is prepaid via check or PayPal, and nonrefundable; and all coaching hours are valid for up to one year after date of purchase.

Note: I offer discounted rates for qualifying full-time students, and those doing at least half-time activist work. If you think you qualify, please email me.

All new coaching clients receive a free e-copy of my book The 7 Secrets of the Prolific, which they are advised to review prior to our first talk. (If you already own the book, you can give the e-copy to someone else.)

If you're familiar with my writing, you probably already have an idea of what kind of coach I am. I'm compassionate, yet direct and focused and precise. I aim for quick progress. I don’t beat around the bush, but tell you what I think you’re doing right (usually, more than you realize), what I think you’re doing wrong (usually, less), and how others may be influencing your situation. I do best with clients who like a nuts-and-bolts, plain-spoken, pragmatic, problem-solving-oriented approach.

If that describes you, then purchase a Needs Analysis/Action Planning Process package below and we'll get started.


1. Needs Analysis/Action Planning Process

All coaching begins with a four-step Needs Analysis/Action Planning Process:

1) You send me a 2-3 page informal narrative outlining your situation, goals and challenges, plus your resume or c.v. if you wish, plus some additional materials I may suggest. I will thoroughly review these prior to Step #2.

2) We have a 90-minute conversation via telephone or Google Hangouts during which we discuss the issues you raise in your narrative. The focus of the conversation will be on revealing the exact nature and proper context of the challenges you face (including productivity and time management challenges), and designing solutions for them.

3) I follow up within 72 hours with a highly detailed Preliminary Action Plan summarizing the major points we discussed and suggesting next steps.

4) You have 72 hours to offer comments and ask questions about the Preliminary Action Plan, after which I will finalize the document and send it to you. At that point you are free to work on the steps in the Action Plan, or sign up for more coaching (see below).

Fee: Needs Analysis / Action Planning Process: $375, payable via check or PayPal.

Needs Analysis / Action Planning Process:

2. Hourly Packages

If you wish to continue beyond the Needs Analysis/Action Planning Process, you may book time on an hourly basis. My hourly rate is $145/hour or $675 for a discounted 5-hour block, payable in advance via check or PayPal. I try to be very flexible so you get the most value for your investment: we can schedule calls as frequently or infrequently as you wish, and for whatever call duration you wish. (Minimum call time: 15 minutes.) Sample engagements include:

  • To help you maintain ongoing productivity: weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, or seasonal calls of 30 mins or an hour.
  • To help you meet an imminent deadline: daily or near-daily calls of 15 mins to 1 hour.
  • To get advice about a particular situation: one or two hour discussion. (Two is preferred because it allows us to delve into issues, and also allows a useful followup.)
  • Or, whatever schedule works for you!
  • Evening and weekend times available.

Hourly Coaching:

All coaching is prepaid via check or PayPal, and nonrefundable. Coaching hours are usable for one year after purchase. I offer discounted rates for qualifying full-time students and those doing activism at least 20 hours/week who have no other substantial sources of revenue or assets. Email me if you think you qualify.

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