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On Monday I received a very strong offer and I’ve decided to take it. I feel that there were definitely points where your help positively impacted things for me, so many thanks.— Jamie H. (lawyer), Boston, MA

I appreciate your caring and practical approach. The steps you suggest are implementable straightaway. — Writer, Wellington, N.Z.

Our conversation last week has given me renewed purpose, focus and direction. — Yvonne S. (nurse), San Francisco, CA

Hillary is efficient, effective, and compassionate, and helps you focus on what is really important in an often messy and confusing world. I could not have imagined how quickly I would see results from working with her, and recommend her wholeheartedly! — Artemis H. (writer), Cambridge, MA

Thanks to my work with Hillary, I now feel like my possibilities are attainable and unrestricted!— Lydia C. (activist), West Chester, PA

Hillary goes beyond mere cheerleading and the usual job hunting advice because she addresses debilitating emotional issues like fear, panic and procrastination. She…has lots of straight and creative answers where other coaches I’ve found have few. — Ivana E. (writer), New York, NY

I never imagined I’d find such treasures of insight in such a short time. I feel like this is just the right direction. It’s awesome. — Eliza M. (herbalist), Boulder, CO

I can’t believe that in this job market I just landed an amazing job in my field. Not only did you help me devise a brilliant strategy, you taught me to believe in myself. — Aryenish B. (activist), Lawrence, KS

We have sought out coaches of many kinds over the last 24 years, but never before has anyone been able to communicate a concrete hands-on approach that allowed us to truly understand what changes we needed to improve our business plan and operations. Both our voice-over business and Sol y Canto have benefited enormously from Hillary’s coaching. — Rosi A. (musician), Cambridge, MA

Hillary’s insight and understanding make her an instant ally in strategizing a successful balance between advocacy and sustenance…she picked up critical clues from our discussions and pointed me back to my positive and motivated path. — Scott B. (programmer), Maui, HI

Through our talks, I came to recognize that I’d been believing things about my professional self that were just not true, and soon I was able to stick to a daily writing schedule and make a big move to another state that I’d been afraid of for months.—Caroline A. (writer), Montpelier, VT

Thought you’d be interested to know how things changed for me (quantitatively) between Oct & Nov (our 1st telephone conversation was 11/5): October billables: 33.42 hours, $1,715.31; November billables, 63.88 hours, $3,270.09. Wow! That is incredible! And my mood is soooo much better than it was in October. I truly feel like it’s hard to imagine a better investment than coaching time with you! — coaching client (lawyer), Boston, MA

Hillary’s direct, task/goal-oriented, and supportive approach provided me with an invaluable foundation for the development of a more effective job search. I felt more focused and exhilarated while working with Hillary. — Harriet C. (human services worker), Medford, MA

After 22 years as a banking lawyer, I was laid off at age 53. This was the first time something like this had happened to me, and I had no experience in asking for help. I decided to work with Hillary, and I’m glad I did. She helped me get past the confusion and depression that came from what turned out to be the end of a career, and helped me focus on a strategy for starting the next one. I appreciated her compassionate and yet no-nonsense approach. — Nick R. (lawyer), Cambridge, MA

After just one session, Hillary helped me identify new ways of looking at my situation.  I was able to start clarifying what I really want to do, and how to do it, and separate it from what others consider a successful career.  This has really given me the motivation to start moving forward! Eileen B. (baker), New York, NY

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