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It is energizing and inspiring to be in a room with others who are also working to overcome their blocks and barriers, and become more productive.

Participants leave my workshops with these benefits:

  • A deep understanding of the mechanisms of writing productivity, and methods for boosting their writing “tempo” so that they can immediately start producing more per hour, and finish works much more quickly than they might have thought possible.
  • Recognition of any barriers that might be holding them back, including perfectionism and ambivalence, plus concrete strategies they can use immediately to overcome them.
  • A motivating clarity on the true meaning and value of time in their lives. Plus, real-world strategies for prioritizing, delegating, setting boundaries, and balancing a serious writing vocation with other commitments including family and day job.
  • An appreciation for indie publishing, which is heralding a golden age for writers of all types. The mechanics of how to do it well and profitably.
  • Powerful online and offline marketing and sales strategies for writers, as well as affirmation of the unique strengths (observational, analytical, narrative, character-building) that writers bring to those endeavors.

All culminating in,

  • A sense of liberated, joyful possibility about their writing, leading to renewed commitment and greatly increased productivity. (Many participants write me post-workshop reporting breakthroughs.)

The organizations that host me find that my workshops are not only a terrific value-add for current members, but a magnet for new ones, including from the business, nonprofit, academic, and other sectors. And they also find me an eager partner in promotion who is dedicated to doing her utmost to fill every seat.

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