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The response from your presentation was overwhelmingly positive. — Becca Marcus, The Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, New York, NY (See more testimonials, plus a list of places I've taught, here.)

hillary-rettig-lecturingYou should hire me to give a workshop because:

  • No one knows more about the mechanics of productivity, prolificness, and joyful effectiveness. I can give your participants specific directions and insights that will help them get to the next level.
  • No one knows more about the specific mechanisms of underproductivity, including procrastination and perfectionism. I can help your participants identify and overcome their barriers to progress.
  • I inspire. I speak with freshness, verve, humor, and relevance.
  • I work fast. I'll give your participants tips that they can use to immediately improve their work and life.
  • I’m a pro. I've given hundreds of workshops and classes at diverse venues, including businesses, schools, conferences, and organizations of artists, activists, and community leaders. Whatever your situation and needs, I can address them.
  • I will adapt my content for your specific audience and context. (My background and experience allow me to come up with fresh angles.)
  • I'm low maintenance. I know you've got a lot on your plate. I'll be easy to work with.

Your participants will leave my workshop or class with some or all of these benefits:

  • A deep understanding of the mechanisms of productivity, and methods for boosting their work “tempo” so that they can immediately start producing more per hour, and finish work much more quickly than they might have thought possible.
  • Recognition of any barriers that might be holding them back, including perfectionism and ambivalence, plus concrete strategies they can use immediately to overcome them.
  • A motivating clarity on the true meaning and value of time in their lives. Plus, real-world strategies for prioritizing, delegating, setting boundaries, and balancing work with other commitments.

All culminating in:

  • A joyful sense of liberated possibility about their work, leading to renewed commitment and greatly increased productivity. (Many participants write me post-speech reporting breakthroughs.)

Please see the below links for more information, or email me at to reserve a date.

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