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Why, in a nutshell, should I hire you?

Because no one knows more about the mechanisms of productivity, prolificness, and joyful effectiveness than I do. I know how to solve problems of underproductivity, procrastination, and perfectionism.

I can communicate this vital information to your audience with freshness, humor, verve, and relevance, and in such a way that they can make immediate improvements in their work and life.

Can I see a sample of your talks?

You can watch them here, or email me and I'll send you a DVD.

How long are your events?

Anywhere from half an hour to several days, depending on your needs. I've given hundreds of keynotes, seminars, workshops, classes, and other presentations for more than two decades, so can adapt to your needs. (I'm also happy to mix-and-match: a keynote, say, with some breakout sessions.)

Where have you spoken?

I've spoken at hundreds of corporations (Microsoft Corp.) and professional associations (Pennsylvania Arts Presenters, Association for Enterprise Opportunity) throughout the United States, as well as at many universities (MIT, New York University), nonprofit organizations (Interise, ISED, Woodhull Center), and community, activist, and arts groups. Click here for my testimonials.

Can you customize your talk for my audience?

Absolutely - and here's where my diverse background and experience come in handy. Your talk will contain fresh examples and lively anecdotes that your audience will find directly relevant to their situation and needs.

Do your techniques "work"? Can you actually help my employees/coworkers/association members/etc. get more productive and happier in their work and lives?

While the answer to this is always partly dependent on the individual's motivation and circumstances, generally speaking: yes, my techniques absolutely work. And they work pretty much immediately. I always leave participants with concrete tips and strategies that they can use to create significant positive change immediately.

How much can one expect to improve their productivity and achieve other goals using your techniques?

A lot. If participants keep using my techniques, they can multiply their output and effectiveness many times until they approach the level achieved by top performers in their field.

How long would that take?

Obviously, it depends. A participant should notice an immediate increase in productivity and decrease in stress after one of my sessions. Then, if they keep doing the work they should see strong gains within a period of weeks, especially if they are working within a supportive community and context.

To achieve a top level of performance, a lot of things need to be in place and some investments and sacrifices will probably need to be made. Not everyone ultimately decides to take this path - most people turn out to be satisfied with being "solidly productive," and having a sense that they're using their time and skills well. But for those who wish to make it to the top, these techniques can help you get there in a few years, depending on your ambition and focus.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your talk?

Effectiveness will always be measured primarily against the goals you yourself set for the engagement. Click here for the process we'll use to ensure that my talk achieves the outcomes you're looking for.

However, here is how I tend to evaluate my effectiveness:

First, is the audience engaged? Are they interested in the topic; are they asking questions; are they connecting with me, the topic, and each other? My goal is for your audience to be delighted, edified, engaged, and inspired!

Second, what feedback does the meeting organizer receive after my talk? I pay close attention to all evaluations and feedback and am continually improving and refining talks based on it.

Third, does my presentation create behavioral change of the kind you, the organizer, would like to see?

What A/V do you need?

I only need a white board or blackboard. In a pinch I can use an easel pad.

What about handouts?

I always prepare a customized handout. Bulk copies of my book, The 7 Secrets of the Prolific, are also available at a discounted rate to organizations that would like to give them to audience members.

How do you handle travel arrangements?

I'll work with you and/or your travel agent to ensure the logistics go smoothly.

What's the next step?

Email me with the date and nature of your event, and we'll take it from there!

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