The 7 Secrets of the Prolific: The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Writer’s Block (Infinite Art, 2011)

7 Secrets of the ProlificWhat do prolific writers (and executives, entrepreneurs, and others) do that most others don’t? The 7 Secrets of the Prolific will tell you. You’ll not only learn how to decisively vanquish procrastination, perfectionism, and dithering, but create time, prioritize your writing, boost your writing speed tenfold (yeah!), be an out-and-proud writer, recover from toxic rejections, and create a liberated career. In other words: the specific attitudes and habits that not only make writing and your other work easy, but a joy. Great for fiction, nonfiction, business and nonprofit writers; also executives, students or anyone seeking to get more productive and less stressed. 188 pages. (For ebook orders I ship a ZIP file containing complete non-DRM MOBI, ePUB, and PDF versions, so you can read on all your electronics.)

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It’s Not You, It’s Your Strategy: The HIAPy Guide to Finding Work in a Tough Job Market

HiapyGuide_FrontChances are, if you’ve been unemployed a while you’re wondering what’s wrong with you – but there’s a good chance the problem isn’t you, but your strategy. Strategies can be changed, and It’s Not You, It’s Your Strategy tells you how to embrace the attitudes and habits that underlie a successful job search. 50 pages, PDF file. Free download!

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