Rob Hatch on Learning versus “Figuring It Out”

A great post from Rob Hatch on asking why asking an expert is usually better than just figuring things out yourself: I do have limited time. Do I want to spend my limited time training, or do I want to spend it putting my own plan together after reading about how to train, what to eat, how to fuel, what to wear, how to transition, analyzing my swim, my cycling, my run, as well as training? My goals are to be healthy, have fun, and compete. The pursuit of these goals has to mesh with my other goals, one of which is being present with my family. Spending time figuring it out, short changes my actual training time and the pursuit of all my goals. I came to this realization after hiring a Triathlon coach. Once I understood the elements she would be coaching me on, I realized just how much time I have freed up to pursue ALL of my goals. I also realized how much more I will be learning from her, rather than just figuring it out. Is there something that you’re holding on to doing on your own? Are you … [Read more...]