Guest Post: Working Absurd Hours Is Not A Badge Of Honor

The below article by digital marketing guru Adam Singer packs a ton of wisdom into a few paragraphs, and is reprinted with kind permission. Adam's free newsletter The Future Buzz provides terrific advice on digital marketing, time management, and other success skills, and I urge you to subscribe. - Hillary My entire career I’ve worked very hard to ensure work-life balance. Yet I’ve always been productive because I reduce meetings, refuse to give in to bureaucracy and focus on results-oriented activities and the things that really matter /  I’m passionate about. With that, I’ve never really understood those who work absurd hours all the time or the (dinosaur) managers who insist it. I’ve been lucky and actually never worked for a company who was measuring their team’s productivity based on “butts in chairs” or demanding 12 hour days each day. These things are ridiculous because people not interested in their work will always find a way to waste time, and for your productive, A-list employees there … [Read more...]